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To All Those Who Been Wondering: No I ain’t dead hahahah and Ill be back real soon. Just been extremely busy chasing my dreams….. And some good grades lol #CustomOfTheDay #Freshsett #ProfessorAin’tDead #GalaxySteez
#HatOfTheDay  (Taken with Instagram)
Today’s creation. Galaxy print Mighty Ducks G-Cap. Even made the air holes teal, black, and purple to compliment the print. #CustomOfTheDay #CustomSnapback  (Taken with Instagram)
Anyone interested?? For sale or trade #UniqueCustom  (Taken with Instagram)
#LongboardAndJordans  (Taken with Instagram)
Custom #InTheMaking  (Taken with Instagram)

m-swerve asked: What had you going on hats? & When was the time you thought youtube was getting serious for you?

I’ve always loved hats. Growing up i just wore hats. Mostly because I didnt like my hair and I didnt like doing my hair so I just threw on a hat. and I didnt really get ‘serious’ about youtube untill I hit 10,000 subs. When I hit that mark I just said WHOA! People actually like what I do???? Maybe I should work a little harder at this haha

49ersfbgm asked: I s there anyway to un sunfade a hat? it is completely faded aha

Not that I know of unless you re-dye the hat. Not sure how to do that tho sorry

Anonymous asked: Where Do You Buy Those Large Patches That You Use On The Back Of Your Custom Denim Vests ?

Ebay is a great place.

lukegauthier asked: how long did it take to set up all the hats in the banner?

About 15 mins. I had help from my friends